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Eric R Betts

• Portland, OR • (503) 389-0207 • •


To deliver elegantly designed solutions, to seek out new challenges and new opportunities for learning, and to demonstrate superior engineering through the use of open source technology.


InVisionApp (Portland, Or)

Senior Engineer, July 2016 - Present

IMMUNIO (Portland, Or)

Software Engineer, December 2015 - June 2016

  • Worked as part of a cross-functional team to refactor datastore to Cassandra.
  • Maintained and extended Crepe (Ruby) based API that powers JS UI.
  • Contributed to Python/Kafka based backend event/stream processing system.

New Relic (Portland, Or)

Software Engineer (Mobile product team), July 2013 - November 2015

  • Implemented ‘Interactions’, ‘Crash Reporting’, and ‘Version Trends’ features for Mobile product.
  • Worked with Browser agent team to launch Browser Product (beta) for Fluent 2014.
  • Worked in cross-product team to overhaul time series service for
  • Wrote Blog posts and attended conferences to promote New Relic’s Mobile product.
  • Independently developed internal tools to improve developer productivty.
    • Dashing widget for test server availability
    • Feature rollout monitoring for cross-org timeseries service refactoring project)

ADP Dealership Services (CDK) (Portland, Or)

Software Engineer II, November 2011 - July 2013

  • Singularly responsible for rewriting subscription module for accounting, parts, and security.
  • Wrote flash (Actionscript 3) based XMPP client with Javascript hooks to provide realtime interaction for webapp users.
  • Performed as needed client system modifications; wrote scripts for collecting client statistics.
  • Developed ExtJS/PHP webapp used at thousands of automotive dealerships.
  • Developed cross platform mobile (iOS and Android) version of desktop webapp using Sencha Touch 2.
  • Pioneered mobile device profiles to optimize layout on tablets

IP Fabrics, Inc. (Beaverton, Or)

Software Engineer, August 2009 - November 2011

  • Lead the development of the IM/Chat Surveilance Module, including MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Twitter, and Paltalk Express.
  • Lead the transition from CVS to SVN.
  • Refactored provisioning application to remove duplicate code, improve readability and maintainability.
  • Performed object-oriented design/analysis, software development, and requirements planning.
  • Used Valgrind, gcov/lcov, and PMD to optimize existing code.

Oregon State University (Corvallis, Or)

Graduate Research Assistant, September 2007 - August 2009

  • Architected & developed Code Orange (Open Source project hosting and social network).
  • Deployed & administrated Beaversource
  • Worked on the iWatch project (Website privacy and security research).
  • Member of the Computer Science Platform for Learning (NSF Cpath grant).
  • Evangelized and demonstrated Beaversource to classes, at conferences, and one-on-one.

NET Security Student, October 2006 - September 2007

  • Fielded internal and external abuse complaints (SPAM, hacking, DMCA, virus).
  • Coordinated with departmental computer administrators to locate and resolve abuse complaints
  • Wrote Python, Perl, BASH, OpenLaszlo scripts for network management projects.
  • Deployed and managed Trac instance.


  • Operating Systems: Linux ([K]Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS), Mac OS X (10.5+), iOS
  • Computer Languages: Proficient in Ruby, JavaScript(jQuery, D3), Python, PHP, C++, C, HTML, JSON; Familiar with CSS, Thrift, SQL, JavaScript(ExtJS, Sencha Touch), Obj-C, Swift, Bash, XML, XMPP, Markdown
  • Tools: vim, git, rbenv, rake, docker, bundle, make, GNU coreutils, Slack, Hipchat, zsh, Xcode, Jira, Trello, Trac, Pivotal Tracker, Jenkins, tcpreplay, wireshark/tshark/tcpdump


Oregon State University (Corvallis, Or)

  • Masters of Engineering in Computer Science, June 2009
  • Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, June 2007

Community Involvement

  • Published: “”, Humanatarian FOSS Symposium, 2009
  • Technical mentor for 2013 PDX Technovation Challenge
  • Open source projects
    • usbnotifierosx_cli: Command line tool to control USB notification device (9 Stars, 3 Forks)
    • USB Mail Notifier Growl Plugin: Integration of USB notification device with Growl for OS X(7 Stars)
    • XMPPNZB: Clients for distributing NZBs using XMPP(jabber) PubSub (8 Stars)
    • Hue: Python library for programatically controlling Philips Hue lightbulbs (6 Stars)
    • Janus: OS X Application for executing actions (open file, open url, play music, etc) when NFC tag is presented to supported reader (5 Stars, 1 Fork)
    • Ambient Notify Screensaver: A screensaver to display passive notifications with an emphasis on aesthetics
  • Submitted patches to: cequel, iso_country_codes, dockerui, asn1c, Wifite, Aimsniff, Pluck-CMS, Elgg, nfc-tools