I received my invite to Google Wave during their private developer beta. One of the things I wanted to try was embedding a wave into my Drupal site. I wanted to do so in as elegant a way possible.

An expanded version of this page is available on the Google Wave Developer Blog

Embedding a Google Wave into any page is basically a handful of javascript. After a reading the Drupal module documentation and a little experiment, I believe I’ve found a good working solution (although I’m sure if can be improved upon). To allow control of the contents primarily trough the editing of the page’s contents in Drupal, I pull the wave ID from the contents of the div that will be used to embed the wave.

A wave can be embedded into any page by downloading, extracting, installing, and enabling the following module:

I lost the tarball with the Google Wave Drupal Module, but the code is still hosted on Github for anyone interested.

~ GWave Drupal Module ~

afterwards, add these contents to any page and the wave should be embedded within:

<div id=”waveFrame” style=”width: 100%; height: 500px”>googlewave.com!waveid</div>

Next check out http://bettse.gitlab.com/drupalembedbot for a wave robot that uses this drupal module to create new pages via xmlrpc and embed the wave the bot is added to into the newly created page.

An example of this embedding follows: