The projects that I spent most of my graduate career working on was Beaversource, a combination project hosting and social networking website created to encourage participation in Open Source by undergraduates in CS.  It began in 2007 based off a HTML mockup and research done by a previous student of my adviser.  Although we knew that the site would use Trac for its project management, very little else had been decided on (we now use Elgg for the social networking). 

Over the course of the last two years, I took “BeaverTrac” as it was known then from those mockups to the full blown website that is still active today.  I had a bunch of help from Central Web Service, Network Engineering, and ResNet getting things off the ground, and at the beginning of fall of my second year we had two new students, one grad, one undergrad, join the project as developers.  During the development of Beaversource, I blogged about the progress being made and new features we added.  I don’t think its worthwhile to repost the outdated material, but it is a project that I’m very proud of and has been a big part of my time at OSU.I encourage everyone to check it out, and especially the Main Page with latest project, users, and blog posts.